YOVU Cloud Office Phone Features

YOVU makes it easier and more affordable for your business to communicate. More than just a business phone system, YOVU is an award-winning VOIP communication platform that delivers powerful Unified Communications tools, mobility applications, and robust calling features.

Calling Features


  • Unlimited calling in Canada, drop those expensive analogue lines!
  • 24/7 web portal: your YOVU service can be managed using a user friendly Web Interface.
  • Extensions can be answered anywhere with a VoIP phone, soft phone, cell phone or cordless phone.
  • Voicemail: access voicemail from anywhere. Voicemail can be sent as an email attachment and can also be accessed inside the office from a Web Interface or remotely.
  • Voice Menu (IVR/Auto Attendant): inbound calls can receive a recording that gives customers options with extensions that can be dialed. The voice menu can send calls to local extensions, voicemail, queues, external numbers like a cell phone, or an additional voice menu with even MORE options!
  • Call Detail Statistics: see how many calls your team has done, see who called and when, the length of call and export the data to a CSV file.
  • Fax, and Virtual Fax: send and receive faxes from the YOVU Web Portal, or connect your fax machine with a SIP ATA.
  • Call Forward: easily forward calls to another extension or to any phone number, including a cell phone.
  • Call Flows: send calls to different places based on a schedule (daytime/nighttime routing)
  • Call Monitoring: view activity on extensions and know when they are on a call.
  • Call Pickup: pickup calls on any ringing phone in your office, from your phone.
  • Call Routing: send the call in different directions, or perform actions based on reading the caller id details.
  • Call Transfer: ability to perform announced (warm) transfers and blind (cold) transfers
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID: when calling out, display a customized caller ID for your business, and view all caller ID details on inbound calls.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND): sends call directly to voicemail.
  • Valet Parking: Park and unpark calls, and monitor with BLF.