About YOVU, a division of LCA Systems Inc.

Founded in 2010 by President and CEO Aaron Atkinson, LCA Systems Inc. (LCA) has specialized in phone systems and implemented projects all over North America. As a proud small Canadian business, LCA is able to deliver the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, speedy implementation, ease of management, reduced cost of ownership and reliability. Always evolving with technology, LCA became the parent company to YOVU (YOur Voice Unified), a next generation cloud based phone system for businesses in all industries, as well as call centers.

YOVU, a plug and play, low cost, reliable Internet based phone system, is available to all of Canada and parts of the USA. Since launching YOVU, we have signed a roster of excellent companies who rave about the amazing voice quality, user friendly features and our amazing hardworking support team.

YOVU and LCA Systems Inc. are headquartered in London, Ontario, with redundant Tier 3 Data Centers in Mississauga and Hamilton (West Coast coming soon!).